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About Us

Wow! Finally we are here in the world of digital platform. It’s indeed a pleasure to be part of family business. And the happiness becomes much larger when you try to continue the legacy in innovative way. The founder of Puja Traders- Mr. Bijay Kumar Singh and the founder of R.K.S Handicraft- Mr. Ram Kripal. Both of them have long experience of trading business in the capital of Nepal.  While experimenting various kinds of trading and business they finally built the handicraft stores in Boudha circle, Boudha Kathmandu. The love and affection which they get from the customers who visited the stores can’t be described in any words. Customers from around the world who visited these stores they requested both the owners to build a beautiful online platform where they can get these beautiful hand-made goods which are exclusively made in South Asia.

Carrying the same legacy of trust and service of Puja Traders and R.K.S Handicrafts, we two young people Narendra and Ishwar want to design a beautiful online store where we can provide similar kind of service which both the stores have been providing. The online store is handled from India and the most of goods are shipped from Nepal as the final products are stored in the both the stores respectively.



Narendra has interest in art and History. He is very interested in expressing the beauty and significance of art and tradition. A poet for himself sometimes applauded by his friends and relatives for his poetic talent. He is always eager to do innovative things in the field of art, history and environment. His love for these things triggered him to do something in which he can enjoy learning new things in the field of art as well as history. Therefore, he is continuously working on the development of the Everest9 online store which is the profit-making e-store that eventually guides for the development of art, history and safeguarding the environment.

Ishwar is a quite passionate to provide the business service in the field of handicrafts. The enthusiasm which he holds while talking with the international guests. It results in long-term relationship with the customers. He has the ability to create the trust with the customers. This guy is still pursuing the bachelor in business studies wants to be a best man in the business.

These four people are behind the concept of Everest9- Reason 2 smile.

Everest9 aims to co-partnering with the art and tourism related corporates for various development of further projects. We also invite the Ngos( Non-governmental Organization and Ingo’s (International non-governmental organization) to be a partner for developing the arts and tourism related projects. The vision to create a platform which becomes reason to smile is all about celebrating arts, history and craft.

There is opportunity for artists, photographers, poets, writers, painters, etc to share their arts and creativity. This is the best platform where the budding artists can share their creation. The professional can place their crafts to sale. The young writers can share their blogs about the culture, arts, cuisines, fashion about the South Asia. The best blogs would be shared as the blog of the week under the menu of Explore South Asia.


For any details:-

Write to us:- mail2everest9@gmail.com